Better Impact
(New volunteer database)

Quite a number of years ago VCC EM had a custom Microsoft Access Database created for us to manage all the information of our volunteers and to create deployment related documents.  This has served us well over the years however also has some limitations.  Over the coming months we will be rolling out a new secure online system called Better Impact. This new system has advantages for both staff and volunteers such as:

Volunteer improvements

  • Your own login where you can keep up to date with VCC EM news and access social media feeds
  • See volunteer opportunities and if you are available to support them
  • Clearly see what shifts you have been assigned in real time
  • Update your contact information such as email, phone or address
  • Let us know when you have done other relevant training
  • Provide a general level of your availability

Staff improvements

  • A system that can be searched significantly easier
  • Notifications of upcoming expiry dates of WWCC’s etc.
  • Requests can be emailed or text to a targeted group from within the system (not a separate external system).

Emergency Operations Centre/Operational improvements

  • Ability to make notes in the system relevant to deployments and calls made, etc to hopefully avoid duplicate calls/requests during large scale events
  • Deployment history of volunteers is clearer
  • A greater ability and improved flexibility to operate EOC remotely for a short period or as a hybrid model

Once we have completed the processes you will be emailed your own personal login to the system along with information on how to access and use the system. A detailed instruction document will be provided to all volunteers on how to access and navigate this new platform as well as Short training Videos provided to show you how to use the functions. If you find the system difficult to navigate or out of your skill set that’s ok as we still have ways to work around that.

More information on this will filter through over the coming months.

We also have been working on creating a digital training package for Team Leader training that will be able to be taken at your own leisure. Once this is finished we encourage as many of you as possible to complete it as every team we send out needs a Team Leader. Watch this space for more info.

Click on the link below to access Help sheets and more.

Better Impact Drop in help sessions will be run over the coming weeks – See below for current dates and times.  More will be added so please come back and check.
Link –
Passcode if asked: VCCEM

Monday 29th May 11:00am-11:30

Tuesday 30th May 2pm-2:30