Latrobe Secondary Impact Assessments

Over three weeks in June-July, many VCC EM volunteers were able to support the Latrobe City Secondary Impact Assessments. In Traralgon, 40 homes and several businesses were flooded along the creek and many more suffered storm damage.

There was also extensive storm damage, mainly in the hill country in the south of the shire. Many huge trees were brought down, houses and fences were damaged, people were isolated and suffered through long power outages.

We formed teams with Environmental Health Officers and Building Surveyors to visit affected people. Those we met were mainly resilient and self-reliant, glad of the help of their family and neighbours. Several government and non-government agencies were able to help and provide funding.

Despite being busy, Council officers and volunteers still gave locals all the time they needed. We developed a close working relationship with the Council officers and appreciated their caring and knowledgeable service to affected people.

Each day we went home, content that we had been part of something worthwhile. We didn’t always have significant conversations, but when we were needed, we were there.

Content above written by a volunteer.

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