Farewell, Stuart

Stuart started at VCC EM as a volunteer, joining the staff in April 2009 and eventually becoming CEO. In that time the organisation has grown to include almost 1600 volunteers and earn a position at the State Emergency Management Centre. But when Stuart started, the organisation was in a much more humble position. “The early days were scary as we

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The first VCC EM activation into Mallacoota on Sunday, January 19, comprised Tony Ryan, left, Mark Dunn, Jenny McGuirk, Max Tennison and Team Alpha leader Tom Rose. We rendezvoused at RAAF Base East Sale at 8am to fly into the bushfire ravaged East Gippsland town for five days of service. We quickly learnt the Army motto, “Hurry up and wait”

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Bourke Street Incident

On Friday 20 January 2017, a vehicle struck a number of pedestrians in the vicinity of Bourke and Queen Streets just before 2:00pm. The car travelled from Flinders Street, up Swanston Street to Bourke Street Mall where the incident concluded at the corner of Bourke and William Streets. VCC Emergencies Ministry Chaplains and Personal Support Workers were activated almost immediately

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