Yarra Ranges Storm event outreach July 2021

I was privileged to attend VCC EM deployments after the storms in June that
ran rampant through the ranges and lower-lying areas.
I joined in welfare visits in Kalorama with the Australian Defence Force. It
was as we drove along Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd that I became more aware of
the devastation these storms had caused. Many roads in the area where still
closed because of fallen trees. There were holes the size of small cars where
trees had been uprooted.

Just speaking to residents as we checked in on them was inspirational. Community spirit was high as the first person you visited could tell you the name of everyone else up and down the
street and how they were doing. One man told us he had lost his house in a recent bushfire, but said he was OK being so used to living without power. As we spoke to him, his power came back on. So he thought that we were good luck.

Content above written by a volunteer.

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